Default Spring Boot Error Page

Occurred: Wed Aug 15 22:22:50 HKT 2018

Response Status: 500 (Internal Server Error)

Cause: org.springframework.dao.QueryTimeoutException Request processing failed; nested exception is org.springframework.dao.QueryTimeoutException: could not execute query; SQL [select entrydoc0_.property_doc_id as property_doc_id1_8_, entrydoc0_.category_id as category_id2_8_, entrydoc0_.created as created3_8_, entrydoc0_.created_by as created_by4_8_, entrydoc0_.property_id as property_id15_8_, entrydoc0_.upload_file_id as upload_file_id16_8_, entrydoc0_.modified as modified5_8_, entrydoc0_.modified_by as modified_by6_8_, entrydoc0_.name_en as name_en7_8_, entrydoc0_.name_tc as name_tc8_8_, entrydoc0_.ordering as ordering9_8_, entrydoc0_.post_date as post_date10_8_, entrydoc0_.print_date as print_date11_8_, entrydoc0_.status as status12_8_, entrydoc0_.type as type13_8_, entrydoc0_.update_date as update_date14_8_ from fh_property_doc entrydoc0_ where entrydoc0_.property_id=? and lower(entrydoc0_.type)=lower(?) and entrydoc0_.status<>'DEL' order by nvl2(entrydoc0_.print_date, 0, 1) asc, entrydoc0_.print_date desc, entrydoc0_.created desc]; nested exception is org.hibernate.QueryTimeoutException: could not execute query
Note: You would never generate a page that displays a Java exception to an end-user in a real application

You are seeing this error page due to Spring Boot (which returns a view called "error" in response to uncaught exceptions. Since we are using Thymeleaf this corresponds to the template error.html )